Gardening Party Charlton Station – Sunday 7th August 10 till 12, or whenever jobs are completed.

Please join us on Sunday morning………  As well as gardening tasks there is a lot of watering needed.  Our tank fortunately still has water.
The tasks we need to complete are listed below
We have tools for you to use, but please bring gloves if you have them.
  • general weed (not many) and litter pick
  • Bed 5 remove some of the very over Linaria;  tie up support the hollyhocks
  • Remove the very few weeds from the herb bed that is finally starting to look good
  • Bed 1 – remove pests (small, black eggs? on the central vein of the leaves;  remove the dead leaves
  • water the nettle box
  • Bed 2 is looking OK
  • Bed 3:  tie in the tomatoes, remove surplus shoots
Please join us as close to 10 am as you can. With this dry period it is unlikely we will need to go home due to rain (we wish!!!), but when the tasks are complete we will.
Looking forward to seeing you there

No rain – so an emergency service stepped in

There has been so little rain in Charlton recently, which, combined with the recent heat, has left our plants and trees at both the station and Charlton Park orchard, really struggling.  Our committed volunteers have been going to the station to water from the storage tank.  But it has been so dry that it has been emptied . This time from filling watering cans rather than  someone emptying it for perverse entertainment.  A few weeks ago the local fire station came to our rescue and re-filled the tank for us.   We, and of course our plants, were so grateful. Still no rain, and the tank was again emptied; by watering can.  Again, the fire service came to our rescue, but this time, they came out on what turned out to be the busiest day for the fire service for years…. They filled us up to  300 litres, and then had to dash off to a call,  we guess one of the many grass fires which started around London.

Thanks again Charlton Fire Station, and we hope that you were all OK after your stirling service dealing with the heat/drought initiated fires.


Our Plant Sale – May 19th 2022 – A great success. Thanks everyone

Our Plant Sale –  19th May 2022

As for the past 2 years we have held our annual plant sale in the front gardens of our supporters and volunteers.  And again,  as in previous years, we have raised money from donations in cash and via our Justgiving page.  Thank you so much everyone who contributed.  We hope that your plants thrive.  We made over £500.