Gardening Party Charlton Station -Tomorrow, July 3rd 2022 10a.m. until 12 noon.

Tomorrow,  Sunday, July 3rd, we have our Gardening Party from 10 am until 12 noon at Charlton Station. Gardening experience isn’t necessary, but please bring some gloves, if you have them. We have tools for you to use.
Please join us as close to 10 am as you can because if the weather changes, or the tasks listed below are completed, we go home.
The tasks for Sunday:
  • general weed and litter pick
  • review the audit done at the last GP and take necessary action – Judy has some dwarf french beans we can have if needed??
  • water
  • tie up any climbers
  • remove acanthus from the Pollinator Friendly area (PFA)
  • Continue the audit of flowering plants in the PFA
  • prune the Cornus in the station bed
  • tie in/cut back climbers on the back wall, including the vine
  • move bark chippings away from base of raised beds
  • other tasks as identified on the day
A different topic, The London Wildlife Trust are interested in recording where stag beetles have been seen. If you see any, and taken a photograph, perhaps you would like to contact the London Wildlife Trust.

Hoping to see you tomorrow (Sunday)morning.

Gardening Party Special – Charlton Station Sunday May 8th 2022. 10a.m until 12 noon

This coming Sunday, May 8th, we are combining our monthly Charlton Station gardening party with planting Dwarf French Beans, with a kit for you to take home. 
We start at 10 am and finish at 12 noon, unless the tasks have been completed, or it is raining, then we go home.
Everyone is welcome as gardening experience is not necessary. We have tools, but please bring your own gloves.
  • General weed and litter pick
  • Carefully trim the Rosemary – the tips are looking ragged
  • water the nettles in their crate
  • Bed 1 – chop up the Green manure, fill the bed with fresh compost and plant the Perennial Kales
  • In the Pollinator Friendly area 
    • cut back the Buddleia 
    • remove the acanthus seedlings
    • soak small areas so we can plant some wildflower seeds      
  • Near the platform, deadhead the daffodils
  • remove the acanthus from the crate
  • Bed 5 – deadhead the hollyhock and general weed
  • Remove the brassicas from Bed 3 (they’ve all gone to seed, and plant Dwarf French Beans in the front of this)
  • Remove bark chippings touching the raised beds, to reduce the chance of wet rot.
Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Another Charlton Community Gardens Plant Sale – Thursday 27th May 21. From 5.30 p.m. from 2 properties in Charlton. See map for details and plants on offer. Also a plant sale on 30th May …….

Following on from our successful plant sale last Thursday, we are again selling plants from Wyndcliffe Rd and Charlton Lane.  Please bring your own bag to carry them away, as well  as small change cash.  You are also welcome to pay on our Justgiving page.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday…

Flyer- 27.05.21

Maybe we will also see you on Sunday 30th May at the CHARLTON AND BLACKHEATH AMATEUR HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY (CABAHS) Plant Sale to be held between 11a.m. and 3 p.m.  We have been invited to set up an table at this event, to show what we do, and hopefully interest some new people, who would like to join us as volunteers.