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Gardening Party at Charlton Station this Sunday 4th March Cancelled

Perhaps it didn’t need saying But there will be no Gardening Party this month. What with the cold weather, it isn’t the time to be digging or planting. Hope to see you next month. Because of Easter weekend falling at

Community Orchard – Charlton Park – First Trees Planted

We had the idea a long time ago.  We even had the money; a grant from Greggs the bakers.  But finalising our site and getting agreement to what we could put where, was more of a challenge, and has taken

Purple4Polio – Clearing and Planting -All done

And so all we need do now is to await our purple blooms in early spring 2018. Charlton Community Garden’s again supported planting of corms at Fairfield Health Centre.  This time in the small triangle of land at the back