Gardening Party – Next date is 2 March at 2pm

As the station garden space is doing so well and looking tidy, we will not have a gardening party on 2nd February.

The first Sunday of the month gardening parties will recommence in March and the dates are:

  • 2 March 2.00 – 4.00 for final weeding and root clearance at the platform end
  • 6 April 2.00 – 4.00 for planting up at the platform end and in the raised beds
  • 4 May 2.00 – 4.00 for general maintenance and tending, planting as required.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and we hope you’ve enjoyed the holiday season.

Certainly we look back with pride at everything that Charlton Community Gardens members have achieved in 2013.  Remembering  how different the site on the station looked just nine months ago, we can give ourselves a pat on the back.  A favourite moment was seeing a little girl drop her father’s hand and go and measure herself against one of the sunflowers.  We’ve enjoyed the produce too—the radishes and tomatoes and herbs.  Even now there are bits to harvest.  Do help yourself.

 A quick update on the planning applications for the Highcombe site

Councillor Gary Parker “called in” the applications.  This means they have to be considered by councillors at a Planning Committee meeting.  The next available slot on a Planning Committee agenda is 11 March.  The meetings are always held in the evenings and usually start at 6.00.  It may be that the item is delayed until the June meeting of the committee—this would be the chair’s decision.

We have heard of a large number of objections submitted by individuals and from groups.  The groups  include  the Charlton Society, the Blackheath Preservation Trust, the Woolwich Antiquarian Society,  Charlton Residents Association, as well as our own Community Gardens group. I have heard from more than ten people from within and outside these groups who sent individual objections.

Once we know more about the procedures of the Committee, we may want to get together to consider how to put our views in person.  Some committees set a time limit for public contributions to the debate and you have to ask in advance to speak.

A reminder of the Gardening Party at Charlton Station this Sunday, 5 Januaryfrom 2 pm.  There will be another gardening party the first Sunday of next month, 2 February, again in the afternoon.

Should you be interested in sharing packets of seeds from Garden Organic, come along to talk about the varieties you would use and we’ll see if we can put together an order.