Dania Myers Memorial Bequest

Towards the end of 2015, Charlton Community Gardens was made a bequest by Dania Myers, to purchase ,in her memory, something for the garden which would support wildlife.  We are very grateful for the thoughtful contribution to the community garden, and hope that Dania’s friends and family will be reminded of her when passing through the station.

We now have two “bug hotels”  which we hope will nurture and provide a cosy home for garden friendly bugs.  Ladybirds would be most welcome, in the hope that they will devour some of the blackfly that took such a hold on our runner beans last year.

Look at the news section news for photos of the “homes”

Gardeners Question Time – Nearly

The Christmas social went very well, and a good time was had by all……..
but Jill Austin was persuaded by a friend to forgo food and drink with us, to attend Gardeners Question Time instead.  The programme was being recorded at The Old Naval College in Greenwich, for airing on New Years Day.
We were not forgotten though, and when Jill was picked to ask a question,  she asked one about our Station Garden (suggestions for planting under the shaded steps).  Alas it did not make the final broadcast, but thanks Jill for getting Charlton Community Gardens out there; local people in the audience will have heard about us, even if we didn’t make it nationally.