News – Good and Bad…………..

Until recently we have been lucky in that there has been little vandalism or theft from the Station Garden.  The year before last we lost all our potato bags, and we have had plants stolen – mainly chillies. Alas, there has been a recent spate of thefts and vandalism.  In the last few weeks we have:

  • had one of our sponsors signs kicked off and destroyed,
  • had a water butt stolen – the chain tethering it to the lamppost having been carefully removed; the stand went as well!
  • our large wall mounted bug hotel taken.  Particularly sad as this was purchased with a bequest.
  • the replacement water holder, which was fixed in place yesterday, in the rain,  by Mike and Jane,  had its tap opened, thus loosing all the precious water that filled it during the downpour that followed, and which will be desperately needed if we have another dry spell.

But the GOOD news is that a local business, which uses large plastic containers, gave us one which they no longer needed.  They also delivered it to us at the station.  So a big thank you to








On the 4th June we held our “Gardening Extra”event in conjunction with the Chelsea Fringe Festival.  Our normal gardening party, held on Sunday morning, was expanded to include a plant exchange/ sale, activities for children, and refreshments.  Despite publicising the event  locally, we had fewer people attending than we hoped, but non the less, all the usual gardening tasks were done and we managed to made a further £80.80 from the sale of plants.

Publicity at the Station. Gardening Extra. 4th June 2017

The broad bean bed. June 2017

Preparing a bed. Gardening Party Extra. June 17

The Plant Exchange – with refreshments in the background. Gardening Party Extra

Gardening Extra. June 2017