Plant Sale on 17th May a great success – Thank you everyone who came to buy from us

It had been a long cold winter and many of our seedlings were too small to bring to the sale, but our supporters brought what they had.  It helped that it was such a lovely evening on the 17th and we had a lot of keen growers arriving early to buy from us. There were also a number of disappointed commuters who arrived too late to get what they really wanted, but nevertheless they supported us and bought what remained.

Nearly everything was snapped up.  Our tomato and courgette plants were gone within minutes. The photos below were taken about 15 minutes after we started.  You will note the empty table were our vegetables were……..      We had flowers and herbs as well and nearly all of those went too.  We may be selling some of the surplus seedlings that are now large enough to sell, and possibly some other plants, at our gardening parties and other events during the summer.


Thank you everyone who came and bought our plants and made the sale such a success.


This is one of our major fundraising activities, and this year we made  £386.96.

This included donations from our collecting tin and sale of books.


Annual Plant Sale 2018 – Thursday 17th May 5 p.m. Charlton Station

Our plant sale at Charlton Station will this year be held on Thursday 17th May

It starts at 5 p.m. and lasts until our plants are gone….. not long after 6 usually.

This all happens on the concourse of Charlton Station – the side where the garden is,  next to the London to Kent side of the track.

 We will be selling vegetable, herb and flowering plants all ready to plant out.  These have all been grown and donated by Charlton Community Gardens volunteers.  Any further contributions are very welcome, but please let us know what the plant is, so we can tell purchasers.  This sale provides one of our main sources of funds for maintaining and continuing to develop both the garden at the station and our other projects i.e the community orchard in Charlton Park.

CCG Plant Sale 2018 – Publicity Poster