Bloomin’ well done it again – London in Bloom Gold award and Britain in Bloom (London) “It’s Your Neighbourhood” Outstanding

For the 4th Year, Charlton Community Gardens has been awarded certificates for outstanding effort and achievement.  A huge thank you to all of our volunteers upon whom we rely to maintain the very high standards we have consistently achieved.  Judging was on 21st June 2018,  when the garden was looking particularly good.  But it isn’t just about looking good…………

Judgement Day 2018 LiB


Feedback we had from the judge was sent to us (London, “Its Your Neighbourhood)  showing how we scored in categories such as community participation, environmental responsibility, and gardening achievement.

Judgement Day – with the judge






The areas of achievement highlighted by the judge were :-


An excellent example of what can be done in a small and relatively confined space by a passionate group of people! Clearly the family-oriented gardening and engagement events are proving a continuing success, and the links with Charlton Park Academy are proving productive and sustainable. The community orchard in Charlton Park is a big achievement for the group, and they seem to be ploughing through any minor issues or problems and working hard to ensure it is sustainable and a community success. Hearing about the plant sale and what people say about it was really heartening, and shows that the group have a very sound rapport with the local community and are tailoring what they do to meet local needs and interests. People using the station and local streets are obviously aware of what has been done and are respecting the beds and the work of the group – there was very little litter (a new litter deposit frame and bag helps) and no evidence of any vandalism or misuse of the beds or area. The planted beds looked wonderful, and excellent use is being made not just of recycled materials and conservation of resources, especially water (e.g. the water retention features and the wicking bed), but also the selection of plants to provide colour and diversity, but also for food and biodiversity. The plant name signage and other interpretation was lovely and appropriate for the site and the size of the beds. The submitted portfolio showed that the group has robust systems in place to maintain the station beds, but also other projects they are involved with, such as at Charlton Park for the orchard and with local schools. The portfolio also showed that the group has a strong sense of realism and practicality as to what can be done within existing capacity and resources, which is to be highly commended. That is the greatest achievement of all – knowing what the group can do and do well, and being realistic about what they would like to do further but avoiding over-stretching capacity and resources – they deserve high commendation for that.

Our certificates


Our two awards – 2018

Receiving our Britain in Bloom (London) It’s Your Neighbourhood award – Level 5 outstanding.

Maria and Judy accept certificate no 1


Well equipped for digging in – Thanks to Gardena and Flymo garden care companies

Our thanks to Gardena and Flymo garden care companies for their generous donation of hand tools for use in the Community Garden and the Community orchard. Once we have more secure storage at the station, they will go into use—no doubt with continuing great effect.

We now have:-

2x grass shears

2x secateurs

1x hand grubber

1x hand rake

1x 3 tooth hoe