They made it… At the Family Learning Event – Thursday 25th October

It was a lovely sunny autumn day for our half-term family learning event.  We had two Halloween preparation “makes”,  masks and bats (flying ones… not whacking ones) as well as the opportunity plant up a pot with bulbs and then cover and decorate it, to be given as a gift.  Or not!  a lot of the children wanted to be there and watching while their bulbs grew.

While brothers, sisters and friends cut and glued, children who had made their goodies, or were awaiting their turn, had a go at the quiz.  Everyone was so busy that our usual very popular litter picking was abandoned; this outstanding activity will have to be picked up at the next gardening party on 4th November by our adult volunteers, who somehow don’t find it quite so much fun as the children.  Maybe, as with them, there has to be an element of competition!!


Thanks everyone who came and joined in and also to our volunteer makers and demonstrators.

The bat production line

Decorating bulb filled plant pots

Completing a quiz

Making masks

A mask fitting….

Proud bat owner