Gardening Party this Wednesday – 14th August 5 till 7

Weather permitting, especially after this afternoon’s selection of sunshine and showers, we will be holding our Wednesday August Gardening Party this week from 5 pm until 7 pm.
We will start at 5 pm and go home either when the tasks listed below are complete or the weather limits us working. Watering hasn’t been included, but may be required, but we’ll decide on Wednesday.
  • general weed and litter pick
  • remove dead leaves from tomatoes and courgettes
  • thin out any seedlings that are overcrowded
  • remove the black fly as necessary
  • dead head the marigolds
  • pick crops
  • dead/head/cut back the buddleia
  • prune and tie in the vine as necessary
  • check all is well staked/tied up
  • check the vigorous herbs – do they need cutting back?

We hope you can join us.

Best wishes

A news catch up……… We have been busy.

It has been rather a long time since the last post update;  and a lot has happened.  So here goes with a run down of what we have been up to at Charlton Community Gardens


MAY 2019

Plant Sale

Our plant sale, held on the concourse of Charlton Station on Thursday 16th May, raised over £300.  Later sales at the Parkfest and  other events increased this sum to £389.35  Well done all our growers and sellers.


June 2019

The Orchards in Charlton Park

Work continues at the orchards in Charlton Park.  The bed close to the Old Cottage Coffee Shop  was planted up and mulched; much of it done at an open session on 22nd June, to coincide with the Parkfest. An information stall and plant sale was also held.  We continue to be grateful to staff and pupils from Charlton Park School for their valiant and committed watering routine, which continues to be necessary while our trees are young and becoming established,


Information about the trees

New lecterns were made by Men in Sheds. They were positioned and filled with detail about the trees, their fruit and other relevant information.

Our Lecterns


London In Bloom

This year we have again entered this competition. In previous years the station garden has been the basis of our entry. This year it’s both the station garden and the orchards and beds at Charlton Park that have been entered and judged separately.  Judgement day was on 24th June.  The award ceremony is on  20th September.  Here is hoping that the station does as well as in previous years and that the orchard too receives a high level award, which will reflect the time, energy and commitment that has gone into creating it.



Gardening Parties have happened throughout the summer, so too watering.  Both the station garden and the orchards were treated (in advance of L.I.B. judgement….) to a wonderful covering of mulch, kindly donated and delivered by the Parks, Estates & Open Spaces department of the Royal Borough of Greenwich.


JULY 2019

Raised bed “upgrade”

This month we decided to use some tubing we had left from the orchard to improve the water capacity of our raised bed no. 1.  The London plane tree next to it had almost filled it with small fibrous roots, which also took most of the water and nutrient from the soil.  Our salad crop and broad beans  were rather pathetic specimens as a result. So we contacted our helpful collaborators Goodgym, who ran to the station on 17th July, and dug out the soil (and did a few other jobs too). The bed was then lined with pond liner (to keep the water in and the tree roots out), the pipes laid at the bottom and then the whole bed re filled.  Our courgette residents seem happy with the arrangement – so too the chili peppers.  It’s a shame that one was stolen.  For some reason, our chili plants are regularly taken from the beds when still small.


A new sponsor

We are very pleased to announce that we have a new sponsor for one of our raised beds.  Aspire and Salon 68 in Charlton Church Lane.  Thank you very much.  This will allow us to keep the beds at the station and the trees and beds in Charlton Park in good condition.  The salon has asked us to tell people that………………

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