March Gardening Party – 01.03.20 from 10 am . Plus……. keeping in touch

Our second Sunday Gardening Party of 2020 is at 10 am until 12 noon, on Sunday March 1st.Gardening parties are fair weather activities. If you are able to join us, please do so close to the start at 10 am as if there is rain, or the tasks are complete we will go home.
The tasks to be completed include:

  • general weed and litter pick
  • carefully dig in the green manure in Bed 4 and plant with spring sown broad beans
  • further general tidy in the Wildlife Friendly Area – selective deadheading of the straggly perennials
  • remove annual seedlings from the herb area
  • distribute pot ash on the fruit bushes
  • weed Bed 5 
  • trim back the ivy on the back wall, to make space for a honeysuckle (to attract insects)
  • test Bed 1 for damp – does it seem to be draining?
  • other as necessary

We hope to see you there.
We have had a website since we began over 8 years ago.  We also have a comprehensive list of supporters on our regularly updated email list.  Managing our website has become increasingly complex and expensive and we are considering abandoning it and using instead another form of contact i.e. a closed Facebook group or a Google group.  This in addition to our regular emails.  Before we make this decision we would welcome your input.  A Survey Monkey questionnaire has been sent out to some of you already, and to those of you who have replied, thank you.  I am sending it out again as many were missed off the first round, and I can’t cross check who received it and who didn’t.  So apologies if you receive it again.  If it is your first time, or you didn’t get round to it last time,  please help us out by doing it.  There are only 5 questions and it only takes a couple of minutes.  Please feel free to make comment via email if you are more comfortable with this.  

Thanks in anticipation