Summer Plant Sale – An unbelievable success

Our lockdown plant sale was more successful than any of us could have imagined. We had clearly not taken into account the need for people to go out for a walk with a purpose, as well as a getting something for the garden or the windowsill. Although garden centres were just open when we had the sale on the 21st and 31st May, we all sold out of our plants is less than the 2 hours we had given for the sale.

We truly hope that your plants have thrived and are giving pleasure. A photo of you plant sent by email to would be most welcome.

We really enjoyed meeting people at our front door steps and were buoyed up by how cheerful and good spirited everyone was, particularly after queuing in the sun, and maybe then not getting the plant that you wanted.

We made, via the Justgiving site and the direct plant sales, over £1,600, three times as much as we have ever made in our usual Charlton Station Sale. So we have donated £800 to Greenwich Food Bank, as well as having sufficient funds now for maintaining our community gardens for another year.

Thank you so much for your generosity.