A busy Summer and Autumn….. and now for a bit of catching up. Starting with station improvements

We have been very active during the last few months and I am afraid that sharing this via the website has fallen behind.  But here is the start of a pre Christmas catch up.  I do hope that we won’t miss anything or anyone off…. Please do get back to to us if you pick up anything we have overlooked.

In addition to our regular gardening parties at Charlton Station, which have continued throughout the “covid season”, we also had nearly £2000 granted to us for improvements at Charlton Station. This was from Govia Thameslink Rail/SEE RAil. The money was funding they made available for improvements to a number of stations which suffered disruption during the construction of Thameslink.  There is also a new shelter, but this is nothing to do with our grant.

The improvements we undertook were:-

  • Getting the back wall cleaned and painted
  • Having the trees professionally pruned
  • Building, filling planting and maintaining 2 new planters on the  station platform -Garden/Dartford side
  • A new herb planter in the garden

Doing this we were supported by 2 local voluntary groups;-

  • Goodgym who volunteered their time and energy. 
  • Men in Sheds made and set up the planters

Other work and the organisation of the whole project was done by CCG volunteers. 

Thank you everyone. 

The station is looking good.  It will be even better come spring. 

And another big thank you to our waterers.  Thanks to you all for making the garden flourish during the summer and for keeping our immature and needy new planters watered in recent dry autumn weeks. 

And now some photos…….. 

And here are some photos……..