Community Orchard – Charlton Park – First Trees Planted

We had the idea a long time ago.  We even had the money; a grant from Greggs the bakers.  But finalising our site and getting agreement to what we could put where, was more of a challenge, and has taken over a year to come to fruition.

BUT we did it.  On Saturday 11th November a hardy team of volunteers planted our first fruit trees, incorporating tree cage guards and irrigation support systems. Thank you all.  They have planted apples, plums, quinces and a fig;  the fig was a donation in memory of Susan  Kebbell died recently.  A plaque has been fixed to the wall by the plant.

further donation of a water-butt from Brenntag has been set up by Mike, so that we are ready for watering come the dry season, when our trees will need the additional water.  The butt is filled from the roof of the Old Cottage Coffee Shop, who also provided welcome refreshments on  tree planting day.

There was also considerable assistance given by the grounds maintenance team from the Parks, Estates and Open Spaces department of the Royal Borough of Greenwich

And special thanks must also go to Judy, Ruth, Jane and Kate who have been so committed to this project, organising publicity, submitting grant applications, liaising with officials, buying plants and equipment, recruiting volunteers and generally making the whole thing happen.

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