A belated Happy New Year to our Charlton Community Gardens Friends…..What we have been up to this year so far.

On 16th of January a group of CCG supporters went out for our post Christmas winter social.  We were very well served and were able to able to chat over a tasty meal at Chinipan Indian restaurant at Blackheath Standard.


We now have a new tool store at Charlton Station

The job done


When we first began gardening at Charlton Station, we were provided with access and storage space in a locked room on the station concourse.  A couple of years ago, station managers decided that this was a potential safety risk, and our gardening tools, kit, fertilizers, notice board, watering cans etc, were moved to an open lockable storage area at the side of the station.  The place was unpleasant, open to the elements, and very popular with pigeons.  Our equipment suffered badly.

One we had to throw away…… The shears. Not the watering can
Our old storage space (from the alley behind the door} cleared.
Sorting kit after cleaning it
Washed and ready to go

















We recently negotiated with the powers that be, for us to purchase and set up a lockable storage box to be kept on the garden side of the station concourse.  On the 21st January, the box arrived and was assembled and fitted by Mike and Kate, with help from Jane.  Maria and Jane also cleared the storage area, threw away overly damaged equipment, and cleaned the rest.




Assembly almost complete
A bit of practice before IKEA arrives in a couple of weeks!!!! No – nothing to do with them.



Getting going on the construction of the box.

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