Please Join us for our April Gardening Party – This Sunday, 2.p.m. 7th April 2019 – Charlton Station

Hopefully the weather will be with us…..
As the tasks listed below may not take too long to complete, or if the rain starts, we will go home, so please join us as close to 2 pm as possible.
The tasks for this Sunday include:
  • general weed and litter pick
  • thin out as needed in the Wildlife friendly area
  • ?poss cut back some more in the herb area
  • IF the Cornus Midwinterfire are leafing now, we should prune them so we get good stems for next winter
  • dead head the bulbs that have flowered
  • plant some seeds in Bed 2 (wicking bed)
  • potash for the currants 
Our next Sunday Gardening Party will be on Sunday 28th April as May 6th is a Bank Holiday.

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