Gardening Party this Wednesday – 14th August 5 till 7

Weather permitting, especially after this afternoon’s selection of sunshine and showers, we will be holding our Wednesday August Gardening Party this week from 5 pm until 7 pm.
We will start at 5 pm and go home either when the tasks listed below are complete or the weather limits us working. Watering hasn’t been included, but may be required, but we’ll decide on Wednesday.
  • general weed and litter pick
  • remove dead leaves from tomatoes and courgettes
  • thin out any seedlings that are overcrowded
  • remove the black fly as necessary
  • dead head the marigolds
  • pick crops
  • dead/head/cut back the buddleia
  • prune and tie in the vine as necessary
  • check all is well staked/tied up
  • check the vigorous herbs – do they need cutting back?

We hope you can join us.

Best wishes

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