Problems with our site—-again

Some of you may have noticed if trying to enter our website via Google or some other search engines, that you are taken to a different site completely. Using the full site address does not cause problems, neither does using a link from the post.

Alas I have been unable to sort out the problem. And it seems that unelss we spend more money to keep the site safe and secure, this will keep happening.

As a committee we have been questioning whether it is worth keeping the website. It does not appear to be much used.

I will be sending out a brief questionnaire next week to see what others think. I will send it via email. But please, if you have any comments, do make them via the website as well.

Looking forward to hearing from some of you soon.

Maria – On behalf of Charlton Community Gardens Management Committee

2 thoughts on “Problems with our site—-again

  1. Hi Maria I volunteer with a community project in East Greenwich – and have found a web platform called – Semble (used to be called Project Dirt) They are designed for projects to simply make a page and list events – Not interactive like Facebook But if you decide to shift from your website that might be a simple solution to sharing info . best wishes Rich

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