Sunday 3rd November ‘Gardening Party’

Hello  friends

Do join the Gardening Party on Charlton station this coming Sunday afternoon 3 November from 2 – 4pm.  The space is looking so different from when we started; it’s a real credit to all those people who have put in so much hard work.

This month we want to plant broad beans in one of the raised beds.  Also to clear out the summer vegetables and plant seedlings of corn salad, kale and land cress for the winter.   There is still clearing to do at the platform end so that means we need help with collecting and delivering wheelie bins from Troughton Road, lopping branches and digging roots.

For anyone who’s coming for the first time, please wear stout shoes in case of hazardous debris in the area, bring your garden tools and gloves if you have them.  We have equipment to lend.

Even if you’re not able to give time, drop by the station on Sunday afternoon to share in the apple harvest.  Essie has picked more eating apples than she can use and Judy has an endless supply of windfalls—both eaters and cookers.  Perhaps you have a glut of veg to share?  Or would like to make a small donation to the upkeep of the garden.

The herbs are well established now and you are welcome to help yourself to any of the produce at the station garden.  It’s a shame to see ripe tomatoes fallen to the ground.

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday afternoon.

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