Sunny Sunday

I hope everyone has enjoyed a welcome sunny winter’s day today.  It has been good to have a break from the wet weather we’ve had for what seems a long time now. The mild conditions have meant that our station garden is looking more like early spring than mid-winter. All the planting in the beds is looking very healthy.  There’s some land cress to pick – very peppery! and some winter salad leaves as well.

Although there was no ‘gardening party’ today, a few small jobs needed doing, including pruning the grape vine.  This meant removing most of last year’s growth and cutting back the remainder to encourage new growth for this year.

Some of you may have noticed the new notice board which appeared this week, courtesy of Southeastern Rail:

Our new noticeboard

Our new noticeboard

We weren’t consulted about the position, but it seems whoever put it up didn’t notice the ivy and clematis planted immediately below which will cover the board in a year or two!  Nor to consider how anyone without very good eyesight would be able to read any notices without trampling through the flower garden.  We had asked for it to go on the railings near the bus stop access to the concourse where people would see it but apparently the fixings supplied weren’t right for this.  We hope we can get it moved soon to make it a bit more accessible.

We’ll soon be drawing up our planting plans for the new growing season and purchasing the seeds.  We’re aiming to grow an interesting range of edibles for people to see what can be achieved in a small space.

We look forward to seeing people at our next gardening party on Sunday 2nd March.





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