Gardeners Question time ……… This time the CCG Question is heard by the nation – December 17


CCGs mentioned on air…………December 2016

Shortly before Christmas some CCGs volunteers went up to the Tower of London to watch an episode of Gardeners Question Time being recorded (though everyone had to behave as if it was live).

Pat Taylor submitted a question that she was then asked to put to the panel.  This time our question was broadcast.

Pat’s question, presented on behalf of Charlton Community Gardens was:- 

Q – What plants can you suggest that are capable of absorbing pollutants – particularly outdoor plants?


Chris – Dust is the biggest pollutant outside.  ‘London Plane’ tree is great.  You want a broad, waxy leaf base.  You want something that regularly jettisons its leaves.


Matt – Spathiphyllum are good for absorbing indoor pollutants that get out


Chris – Mother in Law’s tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata) is what NASA use. Apparently it’s the best!


Pippa – Boston ferns

The episode is still available to listen to, and here is the link.

Pat asked the question in relation to the heavy pollution in this area.  Alas the answers were nearly all linked to houseplants – except for the London Plane; which we have on our patch at the station, and the roots of which, somewhat ironically, we are trying to contain!!!!.