Planting Plan Winter 17 -18

The plans for this year are based on a number of factors:

  • the need to rotate what’s planted in each bed
  • grouping plants with similar needs

Raised Bed  1

This bed is planted with brassicas.

Raised Bed  2  this is the wicking bed

Broad beans will go in here in early November, to crop in spring.  It will be interesting to see how they do:  we will check/fill the reservoir at each gardening party. 


Raised Bed  3

We’ll plant this bed up with onions and garlic;  possibly some winter salad greens while the onions/garlic gets going

Raised Bed  4

This bed will have a green manure this year

Herb Bed

We will plant other varieties of e.g. thyme here.  We will plant more mint, in two large plastic flower pots (cut off, to about 7”)


Leave the sorrel for now, consider an alternative plant for this crate as the sorrel isn’t being picked. 

Wildlife friendly area

We will plant lavender bushes against the wall, behind Bed 1 (and Bed 2?)

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