Draft Minutes AGM 1st October 2017

Charlton Community Gardens AGM

1 October 2017 11.00. 

Charlton Station concourse

Judy Wolfram – Introductions of those present, including chair for AGM: Brenda Taggart


Management Commitee: Judy Wolfram, Maria Bloor, Kate Askew, Pat Taylor

Members / Volunteers: Julian Osman

Apologies:   Jane Bennett, Michael Bennett, Caroline Love, Sam Newman, Frances Plowman, Stephen Tindle

1. Minutes of the 2016 AGM —Agreed

Matters arising from last year’s minutes – no matters

2. Co-chairs’ Report:  Prepared by Judy Wolfram and Jane Bennett. Presented by Judy Wolfram. See attached.

3. Treasurer’s report:  Prepared and presented by Maria Bloor.

See attached. In addition to the points highlighted in the report, it was suggested that further promoting of Easy fundraising would be worthwhile, particularly prior to Christmas.

4. Report on the Community Orchard: Prepared by Ruth Yeo. Presented by Kate Askew. See attached.

5. Election of the Management Committee:

All current members of the Management Committee are willing to stand again:

Kate Askew

Jane Bennett

Michael Bennett

Maria Bloor—willing to remain as treasurer

Caroline Love

Sam Newnham

Pat Taylor

Judy Wolfram


Note: Our constitution says the chair will be elected at the first meeting of the Management Committee.

6. Any Other Business: –Brenda Taggart thanked those responsible for preparing and presenting reports. She added congratulations to the group for the achievements at the station garden and thanked them for the continued maintenance of the garden, noting the very positive difference made to the character of the concourse, appreciated by many in Charlton.

Judy Wolfram closed the meeting with thanks to all present and particular thanks to Brenda for chairing the AGM.

Meeting closed at 11.25