The Orchard is started – November 2017

Planting of phase 1 of CCG Community Orchard took place on Saturday November 11th; 8 fruit trees, including a donated fig were planted in a designated area close to the Old Cottage Cafe. Greenwich Council  dug the planting holes the day before.  All the trees for this first phase were purchased in pots and mycorrhizal fungus was used to treat the roots before planting to help them establish.  Trees were staked and secured.  All the trees are grown on small rootstocks to demonstrate suitability for small gardens and aid harvesting.  The trees  planted are a fig and a quince against the wall, a plum and 4 apple trees, one a cooker – see plan.  The plum and fig are self-fertile and the apples will pollinate one another.  A 2nd quince of a different variety will be planted in 2018 year when stock becomes available to improve pollination.