Treasurers Report 7th October 2018


Finance Report for Charlton Community Gardens V3 Gardens AGM 1 Oct 2018v2 copy


Finance Report for
Charlton Community Gardens AGM
1st October 2018
Prepared by Maria Bloor Treasurer – 2nd October 2018 For the period 1st October 2017 to 30th September 2018
As last year, the financial year 17/18 opened with a healthy balance of £1427.08 (£1369.92 last year). We end it with a carry forward of £1875.54 and £421.84 for the orchard.
We were given funding in 2016/7 by Greggs the bakers, for a Community Orchard in Charlton Park. This £1480 grant had been partially spent last year, but £1294.80 was carried forward. Detail in shown in the chart below.
We have been lucky in that 3 of our regular sponsors have again sponsored raised beds in the station garden. These Conran Estate Agents, Tudor Touch Blinds, and Headstart I.T. services. We still have a vacant bed seeking sponsorship!
Our spring plant sale was particularly successful this year, even though the weather leading up to it had been rather unkind and many of the fruit, herbs and vegetables raised by our volunteers were too immature and small to sell. A later plant sale at Charlton Park also added to our income.
We have had some significant financial donations, again detailed below. We have also received goods in kind. Flymo have very generously donated a set of gardening hand tools. Plants sold at our plant sale are raised by local volunteers at no cost to CCG. We have also sold donated gardening books.
The orchard has taken time, energy and expenditure this year, as it was necessary to spend money on trees and other equipment. This came from the Greggs grant, and were was no large expenditure other than this on any other CCG projects. A large projected expenditure next year will be a lockable and secure storage box at Charlton Station. Brought Forward CCG (-Orchard) £1427.08 Plus receipts Plant Sales
Crocus Corm sales
Sale of donated books
Total Receipts £939.44 Less Payments Page 1 of 2
Crocus Bulbs
Website costs
Soil improver, compost etc.
Family Event costs £11.89 Repairs to equipment
£10.30 Signage £48.00 Keys
£9.00 London in Bloom entry and awards £47.00 Logo t-shirts £34.81 Bug Box replacement £25.00 Total Payments £490.98 Opening Balance plus receipts minus payments =
£1427.08 + £939.44 – £490.48 = £1875.54
Closing Balance
£1875.54 Community Orchard Brought forward
Plus Receipts
Donation for water trolley
Donation specific to the orchard
Total Receipts
Less Payments
Assorted fitments, tubing, tree fencing etc.
Compost, Soil improver.
Water trolley
Total Payments
Opening Balance plus receipts minus payments = £1298 + £380 – £1256.16 Closing Balance £421.84 Page 2 of 2