Planting Plan Feb. 2021 for Summer at the Station Garden Draft 1

Planting Plan for Raised Beds, Summer, 2021

First Draft, late February 2021

  • The plans for this summer are based on our usual considerations, including:
  • the need to rotate what’s planted in each bed
  • grouping plants with similar needs
  • location of beds and the amount of sun each gets
  • visual interest – colour, form, height

Raised Bed 1

Spring broad beans are going in here (we need to check that bed is not water logged still); once they have cropped, we could plant some late courgette seedlings esp if someone has space to grow them on a bit in pots? We could also put in some beetroot and a quick salad crop?

Raised Bed 2 –

Garlic in here at the moment; once the garlic is harvested, we’ll plant winter brassicas, interplanted with summer salads etc while they are small.

Raised Bed 3 –

Autumn broad beans in here, Aquadulce, to harvest March/April onwards; then soil improver, climbing French beans, tomatoes (need to consider colours and try and have a good mix),

Raised Bed 4 –

Brassicas in here at the moment: to be planted with courgettes, dwarf French beans and possibly some salad crops


Is planted with acanthus at the moment – do we want to try mint again? Has anyone got any spare?