Planting Plan for Winter 2015 – 2016

Planting Plan for Raised Beds, Winter   2015 – 2016

The plans for this winter are based on a number of factors, including:

  • the need to rotate what’s planted in each bed
  • grouping plants with similar needs
  • location of beds  – amount of sun each gets
  • visual interest – colour, form, height


Raised Bed 1  –  Planted with brassicas varieties that will stand for a long time – e.g. cavolo nero, kale, cabbage and chard.  These are being harvested now (mid November) and should last till spring.

Raised Bed 2 –  Planted with broad beans, Aquadulce;  these should be ready to harvest March/April onwards, depending on the weather

Raised Bed 3 –  Green manure, rye grass here;  we need to dig it in before it goes to seed

Raised Bed 4  –  Onions, Comred variety and 4 different varieties of garlic are planted in here to harvest by mid May 2016


Herb Bed

In the Spring, we need to plant more thyme/marjoram/oregano/sage, Mediterranean plants that will do well without water.


Wildlife friendly area

This has revived very well with the wet late summer/autumn we’ve had:  to  keep an eye on it, weed and thin some of the self sowers;  and consider planting some shrubs to prolong the season and to provide some much needed shade.


Back wall

In the spring we’ll replace the damaged blackberry, tie everything in, and generally review how this area is doing.  (Possibly need to take into account footings for the wall and keep our planting a distance out from the wall.)


Winter Area

 This is doing well; plants are developing and just need weeding.