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Happy New year to all our volunteer gardeners, waterers, visitors, supporters and friends.

We have had a great year in 2019, with awards, new plantings in the orchard and the gardens in Charlton Park, a revamped bed at the station, family activities and loads more. The most recent events being a very late autumn planting of replacement fruit trees in the park, and our combined AGM and winter social in early December.

Thank you everyone for your supportive comments and positive contributions throughout the year.

It was damp and drizzly and we who were organising the event were not hopeful of having many children turn up. But, what a surprise; we had as many children, if not more, than is usual at our events. Some families were returners, but we also welcomed many new children and their adults. Thanks to everyone for coming, those who organised the event and those who filled and covered pots of bulbs, made masks, and made witches.

Lots going on……
Decorating filled bulb pots
Grannie holds the witches while the children make masks
Making masks
Making witches on sticks with Egg boxes, pipe cleaners, bin bags and sticks fallen from trees

We will be holding our autumn Family Learning Event on Thursday 24th October from 10 am until 12 noon on the concourse at Charlton Station. All children must bring an adult with them when they attend this free event.