Memorial Cherry Tree – Charlton Station

Visitors to the station will have noticed that the bed to the left of the exit gate is now filled with plants and a boxed in cherry tree.  This has been planted in memory of Elaine Picton (1950 -2017), who lived locally, was a founder member of the Central Charlton Residents Association, a keen gardener and an early supporter of Charlton Community Gardens.  She is much missed, particularly by her children, grandchildren and husband, who felt that a commemorative tree, planted locally, would be an appropriate memorial to her.  The bed was cleared and planted up by her family with help from company workmates of her son.  Barbara Holland, a local associate of CCGs, also helped with the design and development of the plot.



Charlton Community Orchard now has a garden extension……

On 3rd November a group of our gardening volunteers arrived at Charlton Park to dig, mulch, “pipe” and plant up the bed behind the first orchard, and close to the Old Cottage Cafe.  The ground was dug over and pipes for future watering needs laid below the surface.  The area has also been given a wooden edging. The plot had proved to be very dry, particularly with last summers heat and lack of rain, as well as the dryness that comes from being next to a wall.  The pipes/tubing should make sure that water gets directly to the roots.  Fruit bushes were planted out and after the exertions of the morning, refreshments were available and much appreciated.

Fruit trees and bushes planted

Digging and weeding


To be dug in and planted

Rhubarb – Victoria

Raspberry – Autumn Bliss and Glen Ample

Gooseberry Hinomaki Yellow

Redcurrant – Rovanda

Loganberry Thornless

Blackberry Loch Tay

Blackcurrant Ben Sarek


Preparing the ground

The pipes, the pipes…

More pipes… or rather the same ones from a different angle

This rasberry will go here nicely.

All planted up…. later the bulbs

A welcome tea and a bit of cake

On the 12th November another planting session put in spring bulbs (Crocus, Narcissi, Daffodils) which have been donated by Royal Borough of Greenwich.  The whole area was spread with leaves to make it appear undisturbed for the winter, which will hopefully protect the new planting from both animal, bird and human interference; though of course helpful bugs, insects and worms are more than welcome, even though they do attract the birds.

Planting the bulbs

Pre planted bulbs… and Mike

They made it… At the Family Learning Event – Thursday 25th October

It was a lovely sunny autumn day for our half-term family learning event.  We had two Halloween preparation “makes”,  masks and bats (flying ones… not whacking ones) as well as the opportunity plant up a pot with bulbs and then cover and decorate it, to be given as a gift.  Or not!  a lot of the children wanted to be there and watching while their bulbs grew.

While brothers, sisters and friends cut and glued, children who had made their goodies, or were awaiting their turn, had a go at the quiz.  Everyone was so busy that our usual very popular litter picking was abandoned; this outstanding activity will have to be picked up at the next gardening party on 4th November by our adult volunteers, who somehow don’t find it quite so much fun as the children.  Maybe, as with them, there has to be an element of competition!!


Thanks everyone who came and joined in and also to our volunteer makers and demonstrators.

The bat production line

Decorating bulb filled plant pots

Completing a quiz

Making masks

A mask fitting….

Proud bat owner