Family Learning Event – Thursday 5th April 2018 -10 till 12 – Charlton Station

Please join us on Thursday 5th April for our child and family gardening event at Charlton Station.  We will have activities in the garden itself as well as craft activities under the canopy, so rain or shine, we will be there.  High winds and heavy snow may pose a problem, but let’s think positive.  Here is hoping that spring will really be with us by then.


Purple4Polio – First Celebration of the year




A small group of volunteer corm planters met on Thursday 15th March to welcome the first flowering of purple crocus.  These had been planted at the Fairfield Health Centre last Autumn. We were lucky to meet up between the major and minor  “Beast from the East”.  There was a good show this year, but the ones planted last year were looking glorious.  

A representative from The Rotary joined us.  Purple4Polio is a project that they, in conjunction with a range of community groups, have supported for a number of years.  The aim is the worldwide eradication of polio.  For more information about this project see the Purple4Polio tab on the website.

Linked in with CCG, More crocus corms were planted at local schools and by The Central Charlton Residents Association.  We await news of how they have all fared.

You may be interested in these talks, particularly the one on 22nd March


Next Food Talk

22nd March 2018 – GROW IT: How to deliver a food growing revolution

From city balconies to underground tunnels and urban allotments, a food growing revolution is underway. Featuring leading speakers and activists in the world of horticulture and urban agriculture, we will discuss why growing can help us connect with what we eat, and how knowing the origins of our food can help us value what we serve at mealtimes. There’ll also be practical tips on growing your own food in new and novel ways.



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