Spring Plant Sale 2 . Sunday 31st May 3.p.m. until 4.30 or until sold out.

Our Plant sale on 21st of May was spectacularly successful. Thank you everyone who bought plants from us. We hope that they grow well. We would love to see pictures of your plants. Please send them as an email attachment to Charltoncommunitygardens@gmail.com.

After our second sale, we will announce how much money we made, and will put up some photos.

We do hope that you are able to buy what you want.

The Spring Plant Sale – Thursday 21st May From: 4:30 – 6:30 The Safe Social Distance Version……

We are going ahead with our spring plant sale as we hoped. However we will NOT be at the station. Instead, members of our group, who have grown plants at their homes, will sell their surplus. All proceeds will go to help maintain Charlton Community Gardens.

We are relying on buyers to keep a responsible and safe social distance outside the various houses. Please also bear in mind that some of our growers have done all the growing and setting up on their own. Any cash payments will go into collecting boxes or buckets. We cannot give change. You are also able to pay for plants you have taken via Justgiving – Charlton Community Gardens please, when making your donation, leave a message giving us a rough idea of how many plants you have had.

I hope that you are able to get plants that you want. We all look forward to seeing you. Enjoy your local exercise via the route detailed below.

Butterflies Update

Thank you to those who have told us about the butterflies visiting SE7 gardens in the recent lovely sunny weather, and to those who managed to catch a photograph of them. 
The Peacock is the most frequently seen so far. We aren’t completely sure if the Blues seen are Holly Blues – spotted so far in Eastcombe Avenue and Troughton Road – they move pretty quickly.Troughton Road is our butterfly hotspot at the moment, with the caterpillars of Tortoiseshells and Whites being sighted as well as most of the butterflies listed. 
We look forward to receiving further updates from you on butterflies, caterpillars and any host plants they are feeding on as well as any photographs you might be able to take.