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This year was the first year that an entry to London in Bloom was made for the orchard in Charlton Park.  And it achieved the top awards.  The orchard was classified as outstanding for “It’s Your Neighborhood” and achieved a gold standard award for “Our Community”.

The garden at Charlton station also gained the same high level awards – outstanding and gold. Maintaining consistently high standards can be difficult, but once again we have managed it.

Thank you everyone who made this possible; our form fillers, waterers, weeders, garden admirers, bed diggers, mulchers, garden designers, planting plotters, kit buyers, broken equipment menders, leafleteers, lectern makers, you know who you are. ……

Kate and I were very proud to receive the awards on behalf of C.C.G at an event held on Friday 21st September at The Arts Pavilion in Mile End Park.  It was a glorious sunny day and the venue is beautifully situated beside a small lake.


With cooler weather forecast, we are hoping you will join us for our September Sunday Gardening Party this week, the 1st, from 2 pm until 4 pm.  If possible, please join us close to the start as if the tasks listed below are complete, or there is a change in the weather, we are likely to go home. 
  • general weed and litter pick
  • watering and filling the wicking bedas required
  • remove dead leaves from tomatoes and courgettes
  • thin out any seedlings that are overcrowded
  • remove the black fly as necessary
  • dead head the marigolds
  • pick crops
  • dead/head/cut back the buddleia
  • prune and tie in the vine, especially as the vine and runner beans are sharing space
  • check all is well staked/tied up
  • check the vigorous herbs – do they need cutting back?

Getting going in the orchard

After the previous weeks storms and rain, we were lucky to have a beautiful sunny day for this Charlton Park event.

Children coloured masks, made worms from milk bottle tops, planted seeds, and watered the trees in the orchard.


Thanks everyone who came and to those who made the event such a success.


Colouring in butterfly masks

The masked one……… Dragonfly girl maybe?

Watering the fruit trees

Planting seeds in cut down milk bottles