It was a sell out. Plant sale a success.

It was a fine, warm evening for the Charlton Community Gardens Plant Sale on 19th May.  Nearly all the plants were sold.  We opened at 5 and the rush was on.  Later commuters missed out.  The plants had all been raised by local CCG supporters, who, in addition to plants and vegetables raised for their own gardens and allotments, planted extra to sell to raise funds.

A few plants were either not ready for the 19th , or were left over;  they were all sold at gardening party held the following Sunday.

We made £361.75.  

Thanks to everyone:- those who raised seedlings, struck cuttings, lifted and divided their plants, set up the stand, cleared up afterwards, did the backroom paperwork and administration,………….and of course those of you who bought our plants.  We all hope that they give you great pleasure in the months to come.

Thanks also to those who kindly answered questions when our interviewers caught up with them.  Your responses will be used to help us plan and to improve our communication.

So here are a few pictures of the event.



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