Goodbye summer – hello autumn

The long hot summer has proved to be a great challenge for us, at the station, and particularly our new fruit trees in Charlton Park.  But thanks to our intrepid waterers, nearly everything survived.  The dry weather was particularly stressful for such immature trees, all having had less than a year in the ground, and with such a small root system, they are unable to search out water as a mature tree can.  So particular thanks to Charlton Park Academy for their valiant efforts, so too all those who went during the school holidays particularly with your bottles and buckets, for accessing water and getting it to the trees is no easy matter.  The water butt  set up by Mike behind the Cafe was invaluable.  And talking of water butts……. there was so little rain that the butt at the station ran dry early on.  And to the rescue came our intrepid firefighters.  A real community support venture.  Thanks Felicity for making the connection for us, and thanks to our local fire station for helping us out.

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