Planting, Colouring, Making and Displaying – all happened at the Family Learning Event at Charlton Station on the 10th April 2019

We were again lucky with the weather for our family learning event at Charlton Station.  Children, supported by their parents, made Easter boxes, flowers from the bottoms of water bottles, planted up peas in milk bottles and made bees and butterflies from wood, milk bottle wings and pipecleaners.  There were also quizzes and colouring and drawing.   Everyone was so busy there was no time for the usually very popular litter picking!!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the event happen.

I took a number of photos of the event, and usually select only a couple, but my website skills are rather limited, and for some reason, the whole lot went onto the page…. so here they are.  Also sorry to those who received my odd, earlier, qwerty post.  I accidentally pressed publish rather than preview.

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