Butterfly Update 2

Another month of almost unbroken sunshine has given those of us at home the opportunity to spend more time outside and to observe which butterflies are visiting SE7 gardens. Some but not all have lingered long enough to be photographed. The results are summarised here.
Holly blues are the most widespread and frequent Charlton visitors, seen in Bramshot, Elliscombe and Eastcombe Avenues and Troughton Rd.
Peacocks continued to visit these same roads in April and the start of May but haven’t been seen recently and there have been no further reports of Speckled Woods.
Orange tips and Red Admirals and have continued to restrict their range to Troughton Rd – once again our butterfly hotspot. 
Brimstones, Small Tortoiseshells and Whites have visited Eastcombe Ave and Troughton Rd and Commas have also been seen as well as photographed there.
The tiny mint moth has been seen frequently in Eastcombe Ave – chiefly on oregano – and the caterpillar of the lesser yellow underwing moth was also seen there.
The Bowles’s Mauve in a Troughton Rd garden is reported as being very attractive to the butterflies as well as bees, so it seems well worth considering adding to a garden in order to attract more butterflies.
Thank you for continuing to update us – and – where possible – to send photographs. It is exciting to see that we have such a wide range so close to home. 
Please continue to let us know what you see and we will update our records in June.

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